Web Design, Development and Branding Services

Website Design & Development

Website Design

We continue to guide you through the branding process, from the offline to an online experience!  On all fronts, design of your website plays an important role in branding. Inconsistency, disconnection or an imbalanced look can turn off customers, while a good design has the potential to help you build a brand name and credibility for yourself. When people visit your site and view your overall look (images, professional layout and imagery), they will get the impression that you know exactly what you are talking about and that you are just the right person to contact!


Website Development

While design is the look and feel of a project, development is the overall structure and function that makes an otherwise simple project more dynamic and engaging!  All of our websites are created in a mobile responsive frame and can be customized with an array of eCommerce elements, such as; online registration experience, shopping carts and digital retail storefronts, online bill payments (even for secure healthcare platforms). Do you have questions about online elements and dilemmas?  Don't worry, because our programming guru, Bryan, has the answer.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines have evolved over the past few years to truly organic instruments. In the past, website owners could have easily saturated their websites with relevant keywords and get "high listings" fairly quickly. These tricks and shortcuts have slowed immensely with the new generation of search engines. Jumpstart focuses on a well-rounded approach, by using holistic SEO methods, to perform search engine optimization on your website.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

Have you ever wanted to make a simple yet urgent change on your website but had to email/call your developer and wait for them to update your site?  Usually by the time they made the change it's no longer useful.  Well, that can be a thing of the past with a Content Management System developed by Jumpstart!  Jumpstart has been working with CMS systems for a while and we are continually working on providing more powerful, flexible and easy-to-manage systems for our clients. Whether you are currently using one of the existing commercial or open-source systems like Joomla, Expression Engine, Wordpress, etc; Jumpstart can enhance or create a solution that fits your specific needs.


Mobile Apps

Along with a well-designed and programmed website comes the ability to easily pick and choose from our huge array of quality online tools and applications, and add it to your own project!  We constantly ride the wave of new and upcoming technology that we can suggest to our clients for their websites. With the bigger demand for smart phone and tablet integration, Jumpstart has been trained and prepared for these mobile device requests.