Web Design, Development and Branding Services

Our Process

The nuts & the bolts
of it all.

At Jumpstart, we utilize a time-tested approach to our branding, print, website design and website development processes. We take no shortcuts to deliver you the best.


Consultation & Discovery

After contacting us, Jumpstart can provide you with a consulation meeting to discuss the specific needs of your project. In this phase, we will learn all of your visions and goals to be able to provide you with suggestions and recommendations that you might not have considered. Jumpstart believes it's extremely important to educate our clients on what is available to them in today's online world, rather than to push them into a one-size-fits-all solution. At the end of the consultation and discovery phase, we provide a detailed estimate outlining all the specific requirements and available options for your project. There are no obligations on your end to work with us, but we would love to work with you! smile


Mapping it out

After starting your project with Jumpstart, we will work closely with you to develop how everything is going to play out!  Whether it's a sketch of an illustration or a website sitemap, this step will lay down the ground work for all of the design and development processes to follow. When specifically working on a website sitemap, our many years of understanding online infrastructure will come in handy and, in turn, make your finished website easy to navigate. 


Let's get creative

During this phase, Jumpstart will work on your branding to provide a custom design that reflects on, not only your business, but is tailored towards your intented target audience. We will start with designing or refining your company logo as well as other marketing materials and color schemes. Once all of those items are completed we will work with the site structure, outlined in the previous phase, to blend the sitemap and design into a truly unique look that is "all your own".


Bringing it to life

Once the creative design is completed we will develop the initial pages for your website on our Jumpstart Development Client Platform for your review. At this point, any suggestions or changes, you may have after seeing the design in various website browsers and systems, will be fixed on the fly and can be reviewed again, with in seconds!



Programming requests vary from website to website and yours will be built and populated according to the content provided. The complete programming build-out phase will be completed in a mobile-responsive framework. Any anvanced eCommerce sections and communication tools will be programmed to function within the framework of the website, as well. All features will then be diligently tested.


Going live with it

After a thorough QA and verifying that every requirement has been met or exceeded, with your approval, we are ready to launch your sparkly new website! After launch, we don't disappear.  Jumpstart is here to consult with you on various topics, such as; search engine optimization, social media marketing and future website updates you may have.