Pediatric Medicine of Wallingford

Who says websites always need to be boxy and boring?  We were approached by Pediactic Medicine of Wallingford to help them with their new website, but on one condition - they really wanted to keep a lot of their fun elements from their current site. Instead of telling them that they had to follow whatever boring template we would provide like many design shops told them before, we said “absolutely”! 

And we meant it.

We gave our client the best of both worlds by creating a modern design along with their current elements, and they loved the final product. The project consisted of a fully refined logo identity and website connected to their patient database system. We did suggest that they update their current train design. Robin proposed that we turn the color graphic into an illustrated cartoon mascot and name him Wally (get it, for Wallingford). Robin also thought to make Wally as a coloring sheet for the kids to create their own works of art, while waiting for their appointments. An overall fun and creative project for everyone!

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