Sarah LuAnn Thompson: Music Artist

The day Robin found out that her longtime friend, from school, was going to try to reach for her dream of becoming a professional singer, was a very happy one! Not only is Sarah a very kind person, she is an extremely gifted singer and deserving of this dream to come true. Her voice totally needs to be heard! Sarah approached Robin to create both her own brand identity, as a musical artist, as well as her band, the Dreamcatches'.  Robin drew Sarah's brandmark in her own likeness, since this was also to act as a promo piece to get her friend out into the music industry. Sarah loved it, but asked for the addition of making herself appear to be singing some notes. Perfection!

The Dreamcatchers logo was also drawn by Robin. She wanted to embody a dreamcatcher itself with soft colors against the strong typeface used. Sarah couldn't have been happier which, in turn, made Robin excited for what's to come…

Stay tuned for many more updates on this incredibly cool project and story!

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