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Digioia Berger Branding and Website

A new and upcoming Law firm from Connecticut approached Jumpstart to create their brand and website. We were tasked to design DiGioia Berger's logo and had the freedom to come up with the design for it, being that it is a new firm.  Robin thought of the pinwheel, since DiGioia Berger had various practices that they specialize in which work together towards a common goal, of justice.  Pretty neat huh?  The colors were applied by the requests of the client and Robin's color pallet ninja skills, along with the sans serif typeface.

Jumpstart also worked on the informational website which consisted of specific imagry and branding elements to unify the overall brand.  Bryan had a hand in making sure the website was built efficiently to meet the deadline that the client needed to be launched by. All was a success!


Digioia Berger


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