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May 8th 2015

Get Moving: Jumpstart Your Work

In: Post By: Julia Forneris


When the warm holiday hum of Christmas gave way to the gray, driving snow of January and February (and yes, even March), I found myself there: The Doldrums. I recently pulled myself out of said state when I participated for the second time in the Simsbury River Run with friend and colleague, Robin. While the run was great, it also made me recognize the importance of the connection between mind and body. 

Your body, like any complex machine, works best when all systems are functioning at top capacity. Think of it for a moment as you would your computer. The what’s-it-called broke and now, even after you restart, your laptop just ain’t the same. Any one piece, however seemingly small, has a domino effect. So why would we move mountains to fix a small piece of hard drive and not give half that attention to ourselves?

In many ways, training for a race mirrors a results-driven approach for a successful personal work ethic. As a work-from-home writer and mother who is part of a small business, I am bombarded by distractions on a daily, hourly, even minutes-basis. These distractions range from sick children at home needing a snack to the universal time-sucker that is the Internet. No distraction, though, is a reason for missing a deadline or not succeeding for a client. Juggling children, household and work can seem like a circus trick. And although children can throw life’s unexpected at you, structure and focus are essential to running a small business. 

The moment I started the race, I blocked out distractions. I focused. I accomplished a goal. I celebrated it. Sound familiar? If you can take these same steps and apply them to work, you’ll see results.

So go for a run. Clear your mind. Then free it and try to do a little work. You’ll be glad you did. You might, in fact, find it’s the most productive you’ve been in awhile.

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