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May 21st 2019

How Drawing Has Improved My Business

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I mentioned several monthes ago that I have started to get back into my drawing roots.  Before, I thought this move was going to be quite the adjustment to find the time with my branding business work and my new drawing devotion, but I was wrong. Thank God. I wasn't thinking creatively enough! I quickly realized that my drawing and branding projects were soon going to evolve like a Pokemon does once they learned the proper skills to do so.

I know, I'm a nerd…but that analogy is right on the nose, or Pikachu's tail - however you want to look at it. Once I got the proper training in the refresher drawing course I took, recently, I could see simularities in the drawing process and my branding projects to marry the two, together! 

Case, in point.  My newest branding resuest was of a gynocology practice in New York City. My client explained to me that she wanted something with the women's body.  I agreed, since that would be the target audience of her office.  So, instead of researching other practices with similar office logos, (like I used to do and how I was trained with my business brain) I decided to go about it differently. 

I put on my artist brain, for a change. 

I was taught in the drawing workshop to start with gestures to loosen up my fingertips.  Drawing the human body was a good way of doing this, so I drew women for that day. 

I sent the scetches to the client and she loved the poses. We then worked together on the style approach the doctor envisioned. I felt more at ease doing it this way and the client seemed happy with how things moved along, as well. I also thought that my overall quailty of work in my brandmark was a lot stronger and I accredit it all to my newly learned drawing techniques!

I have since recieved more branding projects that I can't wait to share with you all soon.  If you are looking for branding work in the form of logos, print materials and websites to be done for your company, small business or shop then give us a jingle. I guarantee you will even get glimpses of my drawing, too!

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