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May 29th 2015

How To Get A Medal In Social Media

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By Robin Towle-Fecso

Two years ago, I was asked by the directors of Runitlikeamom to give a small social media workshop to the bloggers at our holiday meet and greet.  This opportunity gave me insight to what social media meant to me as a branding specialist, which helped interlock the two topics that I proposed to the Runitlikeamom bloggers on how to brand themselves by using social media.  A round of thanks and feedback from the ladies got my wheels turning.  I realized that this was a great marketing opportunity for Jumpstart to embark on.  By using our pooled talents, we could help our clients construct a successful social media presence along with the branding projects we do for them. 

Over the several years that we had helped our clients with their social media, we had done some of the following: 

1.  Help set up their pages

2.  Create graphic images the embody their brand

3.  Give tips and help market them through blasting on our own social media platforms

4.  Interface social media feeds within their websites and online tools

But one day, Jumpstart had the opportunity to bring in a special guest to help us.  Rachael Shaw, of Conjoined, agreed to take part in a workshop with one of our clients to teach not only the brand approach, but also her expertise in video and production and it's association with social media!

The Nutmeg State Games was very happy with the workshop that broke out social media into avenues for their seasonal interns to understand and grasp their marketing roles for the organization. 

I ended the workshop with a “closing ceremony” by handing out medals for their excellence in learning the Wide Social Media World Of Sorts (in my best Jim McKay voice, of course). 

It was a fun day and really opened our eyes to other possibilities of asking strategic partners to assist us in teaching companies and organizations how to better market themselves, which we are now currently applying to our clients, today!  Are you looking to help your own company or organization get noticed on social media? Contact us and we would be happy to help you win that medal! 

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