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Yesterday, I noticed a multitude of LinkedIn alerts from people congratulating me on my work anniversary. Knowing my small business, Jumpstart: Design, Development & Brand, celebrated its birth month, in April over ten years ago, I was a little confused with the “at-a-boys” I had recently received. After a few clicks I had found out that the likes and comments were for my other job as a professor at a local community college. Ahh, thanks everyone!

Wow, has it been a year already? I had blogged about how this new venture had fallen into my lap and how I was going to take this opportunity one step at a time. So far, the journey is sailing onward at a steady pace. With two semesters successfully under my belt, now, I feel that I have started to get the hang of teaching the basics of Graphic Design. I have figured out how to assign projects in a step-by-step process for the class to understand the work flow. I have also given a killer side eye to any student that came up with a weak excuse to why they couldn't pass in their work in, on time. At the end of each semester, I hold a portfolio review as the class's final exam and have been extremely fortunate to hear some students want to move on into a design degree, due to the what I have taught them. Truly moving.

So here I am—going into yet again another semester, another year of teaching Graphic Design and I have realized that my students are not the only ones learning. I am too. I am reteaching myself the basics of graphic design, the principles of composition and the many techniques of balance, form and design harmony. This has made me more aware of my own professional design work. I have noticed my terminology growing again and my knowledge of current design trends and technology are more on point. I have become a better graphic designer due to my new professor role and I can't wait to see what graphic design tricks this old dog can still learn.

This week's assignment has the class watching the Superbowl. Yup, you read that correctly—they have been tasked to watch Superbowl LII. Sure, the students can sit and watch a little football if they want, but what I really have them focusing on are the advertisements. With a very impressive 189 million viewers projected to watch the big game and a 5 million dollar 30 second commercial spot price tag, this Sunday's Superbowl commercials are extremely important to marketing and advertising agencies—and the hype all started with Apple's “1984” advertisement. Since then, agencies have tried to create their own big commercial moment, during the big game.

Would you like to join in on the class assignment? If so then watch the Superbowl commercials and let me know which one is your favorite and why? Which one was the worst and why? I look forward to your answers on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


UPDATE: The class had voted and the results are in: The Doritos VS Mountain Dew was the top Superbowl LII commercial for these millennials! Do you agree or disagree?

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