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January 19th 2015

Jumpstart’s Blog Is Back From The Dead

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Jumpstart: Design, Development & Brand has been improving client's brands for many years.  We felt it was time to take a “Frank” look at our selves in the mirror!  2015 will prove to be a time of great change and top notch initiatives for both our clients and ourselves.  A sort of 2015 New Year's Resolution.

Resolution #1: Our first resolution is bringing our blog back to live and—it's ALIVE!  Just as important as doing the work is sharing it and the many successes, both our clients' and ours!  We won't neglect our personal life lessons either.

Resolution #2: Measure, measure, measure and (for good measure) measure again! Jumpstart has much to say in regards to measurable results of our clients. 2015 will bring a focus on helping clients understand the benefits of their brand enhancements, website updates, events, printed materials and social media efforts by measuring their effectiveness.  Let's say a client has lots of hits on a particular product on their site.  What does that say about how they promote that product across all channels?  Maybe more importantly, what are customers not looking at?  Maybe it's time to make sure customers know MORE about that product?  There is so much to analyze and we are looking forward to diving into that this year.  

Resolution #3: Case studies close the loop at the project's end and give us time to reflect on (and yes even celebrate!) the hard work completed plus track the results and give us one last customer touch-point to make sure we've (over)delivered.  It's kind of like the “Exercise more” of our resolutions. It's extra work but totally worth it.

Resolution #4: Everyone loves a makeover!  Look for a refreshed, refined and enhanced Jumpstart website in 2015. 

Resolution#5: Enhanced capabilities.  We're not only alive, we're growing.  Our capabilities of branding, logo design, print materials and fully functional websites are still all here, but now with the new content and marketing strategic partners we can provide even more quality services to our clients.  Some 2015 initiatives are being put into place right now…ready for the Jumpstart bolt of electricity! MUHAHAHA, oops, got carried away there…but I think you get the picture that we are very excited of the road ahead for us and our clients!

Can we “Jumpstart” your brand?  Will “Frank,” like our blog, rise from the dead? Let's find out!

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