Wicked Gluten Free (Rebrand)

As we emerged from the other side of COVID, so did our client Gluten Free New England. Their innovative Expo-To-Go was starting to phase out and make way for introducing themselves back into the public city expos again. 2022 brought in some graphics on both the print and online scale to support the expos, but the real fun creation that Robin was asked to design was their first t-shirt illustration! Robin's eyes lit up as Abby explained to her what she was envisioning. Robin then drew a hippy inspired illustration and added in some wicked gluten free food as the center point.

This then also sparked a Gluten Free New England rebranding that then became, Wicked Gluten Free. Jumpstart created all brand materials to the new organization name. 2023 officially released the rebrand and has been recieved well by their target audiences! Along with the rebrand came more illustration requests with all of the expos of getting their own illustrative look. 

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