Gluten-Free New England: Connecticut Expo

2019 was a big year for Jumpstart. We had started a great business relationship with Gluten-Free New England, an organization that brought alergy sensitivity awareness to the public through events and expos!  It was a great opportunity to work on these projects especially when it hits home for Robin with her son needing to be on a gluten-free diet.  All Abby Helman Kelly, owner and founder of GFNE, had to ask Robin one day was… “So, do you do posters?”

Robin replied back with, “Yes and anything else you want to throw at us!”

Abby then threw a whole bunch of projects at Jumpstart after that response and before we knew it the whole Connecticut Expo event was complete with printed materials!  We were able to provide a unified look to the Connecticut Expo offical ad, event retractable poster, an event poster 3-series and a multi-pieced welcome banner design.  We were also so happy to hear that Gluten-Free New England had a very successful event and had other expositions lined up, as well.  Here's to a great and gluten-free year!

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