The Nutmeg State & Connecticut Masters’ Games

Since 2011, Jumpstart has been the design and development force behind the Nutmeg State Games and the Connecticut Masters' Games! Recently, our mission was to break up “The Games” into branded phases:

1. First phase was to ralley up the initial on and offline current materials together and get them polished up for game time.

2. Second phase was to recreate the materials in a unified brand which included a responsive website and fully automated online registration, scedule and results capibilities, printed advertisement of postcard mailers, newspaper inserts and original illustrated t-shirts.  Jumpstart made sure that all design and development synced up, flawlessly, for the “The Games” to deliver their multi-sport events, in New Britain, Connecticut. 

3. The final phase was to pull in their social media outlets with a series of training sessions and seminars, that Jumpstart facilitates, for the Nutmeg State Games' interns! This award winning integrated campaign has, overall, helped expand the state-wide event to new heights for the Connecticut Sports Management Group and “The Games” ever growing marketing popularity!

Patrick Fisher, the organization's executive director, was very happy with the outcome (and look forward to many more years working with Jumpstart).  Read his testimony on the references page, here.  Do you have an event that needs a “Jumpstart”?  Learn more about our branding initiatives and contact us today!

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